The current industrial shift from selling products to providing Product/Service-Systems (PSS) drives new business opportunities and sustainability improvement. The Product/Service-Systems Day aims to bring researchers and practitioners together and establish a platform for discussions and a fruitful knowledge exchange on experiences, challenges and opportunities.

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Opening introduction

Prof. Tim McAloone


Innovating and creating new business opportunities through Sustainable Product Service Systems

Prof. Tim McAloone

Tim runs the Product/Service-Systems (PSS) and Sustainable Design group at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). Recent work has been focused on supporting the Danish and Nordic industry in the transition towards the Circular Economy, with product/service-systems and sustainability as key foundations.


Riversimple: revolutionizing the automotive supply chain towards PSS

Dr. Stafford Lloyd, Sustainability & Systems Engineer at Riversimple

Riversimple is a purpose driven vehicle manufacturer aiming to revolutionise the automotive sector by offering a radically new car through a business system that aligns its interests with those of its customer and the environment. Riversimple are developing a new type of Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV), which has the potential to deliver a step-change in overall vehicle efficiency compared to current cars and new Ultra Low Emission Vehicles (ULEVs).




ENSO tyres: driving new innovation in the tyre industry

G. Erlendsson , CEO of ENSO tyres

ENSO is disrupting the tyre industry by designing clean tyres for electric vehicles based on product/service-systems, circular business and cradle-to-cradle manufacturing process.


CPH Village: enabling product/service-systems through active policy engagement

Michael Deichmann Plesner, Co-Founder & Director at CPH Village

In every major city, young people struggle to find a place to live. Starting in Copenhagen, CPH Village are building a network of mobile and sustainable villages to help solve this problem.




PSS as a way to ensure higher circularity in the value chain

Prof. Tim McAloone, Dr. Fenna Blomsma and Dr. Daniela Pigosso (DTU) - CIRCit project

Map the offerings you currently have in your company and see how many possible solutions actually fit to your situation. Create and discuss new PSS configurations that your company could consider providing. Finally, have fun, try-out and be inspired!




Exploring PSS solutions for the commercialization of new products

Lars Henrik Bjerg, Global Product Line Manager at FLSmidth

FLSmidth is the market-leading supplier of productivity to the global minerals and cement industries, delivering engineering, equipment and services solutions in more than 50 countries; i.e. projects, products and services. Lars is the Global Product Line Manager Cement and Pyro Technologies related to customer services. With a background in Total Life Costing Lars is an major advocate for servitzation in the ever commoditized cement industry.


Product or Service? Orchestrating the Win Win

Dr Jakob Andersen, CEO of MASH Biotech and serial entrepreneur

MASH Biotech is a waste-to-energe service provider, focusing on bottom-of-pyramid markets. Dr. Jakob Andersen is in charge of the strategic roll-out of the MASH business and the implementation of product/service-system oriented business models with immense environmental and humanitarian implications.


Is PSS always environmentally beneficial? Launch of guide

Louise Laumann Kjaer

PSS - or "performance-based" business models - can facilitate transitioning to circular economy and more sustainable ways of fulfilling needs - for both businesses and consumers. However, the potential environmental benefits are not a given and proper evaluation methods are needed in order to support the development of sustainable PSS.


Round-table discussion: Future perspectives for PSS development and operation


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