Disruptive conceptualisation can be achieved by goal-oriented mapping of user context or utilisation of knowledge about radically different solution principles. The conceptualisation day offers new input from companies that identifies with new product opportunities, which have been identified through an active dialogue with users together with case stories of disruptive development, where new products and technologies have been developed through inspiration from nature.

For more information please contact: Co-Chair: Torben Anker Lenau or Co-Chair: Claus Thorp Hansene

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PDS16 Welcome address

Prof. Niels Henrik Mortensen, Head of Section, DTU MEK 


Day Introduction

Torben Anker Lenau & Claus Thorp Hansen


Conceptualization - the last stand towards competition from Asia?

Thomas Aakjær Jensen , Senior Innovation Specialist at Kata Foundation

Proud of his top education from DTU and with many years in the best Danish companies, Thomas started to work in Asia with a feeling that Asian companies may have won the battle of manufacturing, but they would certainly never win the battle of innovation.


A journey of medical disruption

John Robert Zibert , Chief Medical Officer, LEO Innovation Lab

Dr. John R Zibert, has had focus on clinical research on skin diseases and cancers for over a decade. After more than seven years’ in LEO Pharma, he moved to the spin-off LEOiLab, creating new disruptive solutions for patients and HCP’s.




Radical innovation and user involvement in hearing aid development

Thor Højlund Olsen , Discovery Lead, Oticon

I believe in a “fail fast, succeed sooner”-approach to product development, where the user’s interaction with the product and the technological possibilities define the great product solution.


Disruptive Conceptualization in head set design

Tomasz Goldmann , Senior Director and Fellow, R&D Technology Management, GN Netcom A/S (Jabra)

Tomasz Goldmann is a senior manager within product development and innovation management. He is experienced in technology strategy development and has developed >20 patents.




White aluminium by bio-inspiration

Villads Egede Johansen , Marie Curie fellow, Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge

Villads has worked on designing white aluminium for Bang & Olufsen and structurally coloured LEGO bricks. He now works on understanding extraordinary colouration principles in nature.


Superior visual performance in nocturnal insects: neural principles and bio-inspired technologies

Eric Warrant , Professor of Zoology at University of Lund, Lund, Sweden

Eric Warrant is Professor of Zoology at the University of Lund, Sweden. He studies vision and navigation in nocturnal animals and has discovered the neural principles that permit vision in dim light.




Smart structures with smart functions

Tobias Seidl , Professor for biomimetics and sensing,

Undergrad and graduate Studies in Technical Biology and Biomimetics with Werner Nachtigall in Saarbrücken, Works on the dry attachment system of jumping spiders.


Biomimetics for disruptive conceptualization in Industry

Torben Anker Lenau , Associate Professor, PhD., DTU

Torben works with product and technology development and is experienced in applying innovative ideas from nature to such diverse areas as solar tracking, photonics and medical injections.


Closing Statement & Wine reception