The current industrial shift from selling products to providing Product/Service-Systems (PSS) drives new business opportunities and sustainability improvement. The Sustainable Product/Service-Systems Day 2018 brought researchers and practitioners together for rich discussions and a fruitful knowledge exchange on experiences, challenges and opportunities. We hope that you enjoy viewing last year's symposium presentations and discussions!

For more information please contact: Co-Chair: Dr. Daniela Pigosso or Co-Chair: Prof. Tim McAloone

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  • Circular Economy
  • PSS configurations
  • PSS innovation
  • Sustainability Assessment

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Focus: Life-Cycle Considerations

  • Business Developers
  • Service Innovation Managers
  • Design and Maintenance Engineers
  • Sustainability/Eco Departments
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Registration & Coffee


Opening introduction

Prof. Tim McAloone


Delivering enhanced value proposition at Michelin through service solutions

Erik Grab, Vice President Strategic Anticipation, Innovation & Sustainable Development at Michelin


Implementing Servitization in the digital era

Henrik Helsinghof, Director at Owner Agreements & Sales Excellence at VIKING Life-Saving Equipment

Henrik Helsinghof works for life-saving appliance manufacturer VIKING Life-saving Equipment. As Director for Owner Agreements and Sales Excellence, he is responsible for global sales of contracts, concept development of service sales, as well as overall development of Sales Capabilities and systems. Henrik has been working for VIKING the past 12 years, within areas as Business Development, M&A, Service Concept Development and Sales. Most positions in VIKING’s corporate headquarter in Denmark, but also in Singapore. At the age of 33, he holds a MSc B.A. in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from SDU, and an Executive MBA from Henley Business School




Servitizing ABB Turbocharging – understanding the customer journey to improve service experience

Felix Keiderling, General Manager Global Service Business Development and Product Management at ABB

Dr. Felix Keiderling has worked with ABB Turbocharging since 2012, holding posts such as Service Business Development Manager and Regional Sales Manager. Since 2014 he heads the department Global Service Business Development and Product Management. Mr. Keiderling holds master degrees in aerospace engineering from Technical University Stuttgart, Germany, and University of Arizona, USA, as well as a PhD from ETH Zurich, Switzerland. Prior to joining ABB, Mr. Keiderling worked as R&D engineer for a gas turbine manufacturer.


Innovation pitches

DTU Sustainable PSS Group - Ellen Brilhuis Meijer, Mariia Kravchenko, Marina Pieroni, Vinicius Rodrigues, Lærke Perrild, Fenna Blomsma and Louise Kjær




Beyond the beautiful illusion: Embracing the complexity of change-making in a corporation

Angela Nakihian, Director for Sustainaility at Steelcase

Angela Nahikian is the Director of Global Sustainability at Steelcase Inc., the largest global provider of office furnishings. She leads the development of sustainable business strategy and corporate competency development. Her role encompasses a broad spectrum of responsibilities including the development of program, process and technical infrastructure as well as brand integration and research collaborations. With a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and a background in architecture, her career path has encompassed diverse roles in architectural systems design, product, business and strategy development, futures exploration, and technology licensing. In 2014, Angela was named a winner of the Green Building and Design’s Women in Sustainability Leadership Awards.


How can servitization drive Circular Product Design?

Conny Bakker, Professor at Delft University of Technology

Conny Bakker is professor of Design Methodology for Sustainability and Circular Economy at TU Delft, faculty of Industrial Design Engineering. Her research field is the development of design methods for products that have multiple lifecycles. She explores strategies such as product lifetime extension, reuse, remanufacturing and recycling, and the business models that enable these strategies. A second research interest is the field of user centred sustainable design, which focuses on exploring the relationships between consumer behaviour, sustainability and design. Conny coordinates and teaches several courses in Sustainable Design and Design for the Circular Economy, including a popular MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) which has attracted over 20,000 learners so far.




Remote Services and Digitalization in Konecranes Service

Jukka Paasonen, Director, Technology and Quality in Service - Konecranes

Jukka Paasonen Director, Global Technical Support at BA Service has worked for Konecranes Corporation for 31 years in several different positions in BA Equipment as well as in BA Service. Before moving from Equipment to Service he managed Konecranes Industrial Cranes for five years. Currently he is located in Finland, but he has worked for Konecranes also in USA for 6 years.


Sustainability through inspiration from nature in the Nordic Countries

Torben Anker Lenau, Associate Professor at the Technical University of Denmark

Torben Lenau is holding a combined research and teaching position at the Mechanical Engineering Department at DTU. His research field is product development and biologically inspired design where he works with development of medical equipment (polymer needles), biophotonics (structural colours) and solar energy (suntracking). Previously he worked with environmental life cycle assessment at IPU focusing on design guidelines and environmentally conscious product development within product families. Within the last year, he has as part of a Nordic collaboration project mapped so-called biomimicry frontrunners in the Nordic countries, i.e. biologically inspired design with a sustainability concern.


Round table discussion and debate

All speakers - facilitated by Daniela Pigosso, Associate Professor at the Technical University of Denmark


Closing Discussion


Drinks reception