Product architectures (PA) gained increasing interest have over the past decade from both academia and industry. There is no doubt that implementation of PA has the potential to significantly reduce time to market and time to money. The transition from current way of working, to Product Architectures is however very difficult. The Product Architecture Day 2018 presented state-of-the-art theory and practice in the area. We hope that you enjoy viewing last year's symposium presentations and discussions!

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Welcome Introduction

Prof. Niels Henrik Mortensen, Head of Section of Engineering Design & Product Development, DTU-MEK

In more than 20 years, Professor Niels Henrik Mortensen has studied 200+ industrial projects on modularity and developed a state of the art method for developing product families. The presentation explains how modular product development can significantly reduce time to market for new products. Also, the innovation level can be increased due to a more focused approach. The basic principles will be described: Interfaces stable over time, right number of architectures and scalability of key systems and modules.


An Architectural runway to support new business opportunities

Magnus Antonsson, Architecture Strategist, Volvo Car Corporation

Magnus Antonsson is working as Architecture Strategist for Volvo Cars with long term strategies, agile architecting/architecture and variability management. Before that he worked as global electrical platform manager for Volvo Trucks for four years and as System Architect for four years. Magnus has also worked for Ericsson for more than fifteen years with architecture and system development and he has an M.Sc in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science from Chalmers University of Technology.


How Volvo Construction Equipment succesfully implemented Modulairzation

Talfryn Finniear, Global Director Product Architecture

Heads up the Global Product Architecture team at Volvo Construction Equipment, which is responsible to ensure product consistency and optimize product complexity for construction equipment produced by Volvo. Talfryn is a Chartered Engineer. Originally a graduate mechanical engineer working at OEMs producing railway rolling stock, Talfryn has 25 years experience in leading product development teams at Volvo and other construction equipment manufacturers. Talfryn is passionate about products, keeping things simple and concentrating resources on value added activities.




Modularization in Construction

VP Anders Kudsk, NCC

Anders is the Head of Section for concepts and Innovation, at NCC Denmark. During the completing his PhD at the Technical University of Denmark, Anders became a specialist in Product platforms, construction concepts and digital construction.


Modularization challenge part 1

DTU has recently developed the so-called modularity challenge. It is basically teaching the main principles and benefits of modularization by means of gaming. It is very beneficial to show product variety impacts productivity, time to market, quality and profitability.




Modularization challenge part 2

Participants will be challenged to build small LEGO cars. Starting in round 1 with mass-production of a single product variant and ending in round 3 with modular products and manufacturing with high commonality between a number of product variants. The game is intended to give hands-on experience with effects of increased product commonality.




Embedding Modularity in Management Processes

Prof. Ron Sanchez, PhD, Professor of Management, CBS

This presentation elaborates the major management challenges facing firms in adopting modularity strategies and supporting organization designs and management processes, emphasizing the critical role of top and middle management in successfully implementing modularity strategies. Dr. Sanchez will illustrate the major issues and management challenges in adopting modularity strategies with examples taken from his latest research (with Prof. Tomoatsu Shibata of Tohoku National Universty in Japan) into the management structures and processes adopted by the Renault-Nissan Alliance in creating its highly successful Common Module Family platform for mid-sized SUV vehicles


Digital Modular PLM... – experience from implementation journey in a big international engineering company

Christian Eskildsen, VP Global Operations & Head Modularization, Electrolux

Christian has a background in R&D but has spent much of his career in leadership and managerial positions at Electrolux. For the last 8 years he has worked as Vice President Global Operations & Head of Modularization




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